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We aim to use environmentally friendly materials and methods:
  • Use only European soft woods, a sustainable alternative to hardwoods.
  • Only develop Brownfield sites.
  • When possible we reuse existing Buildings / Materials.
  • High timber content reduces the size of our carbon footprint.
  • High Sound Insulation reduces noise pollution into and out of our buildings.
  • Substantial thermal insulation installed, reducing heating requirements.
  • Fit high energy efficiency heating systems.
  • Clean up old sites, by effective decontamination and remediation.
  • Use local labour and suppliers, reducing travel pollution.
  • Recycling of site waste, and actively managed minimisation of waste.
  • Our developments are always in sympathy with the surroundings.
  • Trees are kept and planted on our schemes - over 200 trees to date!
Greenside Gardens, Sowerby Bridge Roundhill Gardens, Elland
Click to visit Roundhill Green Click to see Greenside Gardens Click to see Roundhill Gardens

Lea Croft Residential, 1st Floor Clifton House, Bailiff Bridge, Brighouse HD6 4JJ ©Lea Croft Residential